Seun Kuti & Egypt 80 at Òran Mór, 3/5/18 - ravechild

Live: Seun Anikulapo Kuti & Egypt 80 at Òran Mór, 3/5/18

"As the tattoo on his back referencing his famous father says, ‘Fela Lives’ on through his youngest son"

Words: Chris Cox.

Das Plastixx (single launch), Bluebirds, The Bleeders at Audio, 29/4/18 - ravechild

Live: Das Plastixx (single launch), Bluebirds, The Bleeders at Audio Glasgow, 29/4/18

"Garage rock with a post punk 90’s feel and great instrumentals their individualism sets them apart"

Words/Photos: Derek McCutcheon.

Natalie Prass at Mono, 29/4/18 - ravechild

Live: Natalie Prass at Mono Cafe Bar, 29/4/18.

"It’s clear from the material premiered tonight that Natalie Prass’ forthcoming sophomore LP will be the defining of a true great"

Words: Graham McCusker.

Siobhan Wilson with the Demi Quartet at Edinburgh Reid Concert Hall, 28/4/18 - ravechild

Live: Siobhan Wilson with the Demi Quartet at Edinburgh Reid Concert Hall, 28/4/18

"The young Elgin-born songwriter’s second album There Are No Saints, released on Edinburgh’s Song, By Toad Recordswas one of the highlights of 2017"

The Animal Mothers, FRANKY’S EVIL PARTY, FAT BLACK CATS at Sleazy’s 28/4/18 - ravechild

Live: The Animal Mothers, FRANKY'S EVIL PARTY, FAT BLACK CATS at NICE N SLEAZY 28/4/18

"The Animal Mothers is headlining this one and if you aren’t emotionally drained by this point then they are determined to extract what is left"

Word/Photos: Derek McCutcheon.

First chance of an image at Stag and Dagger Glasgow, impeccable performance from Edwin Organ

Zoë Bestel (album launch), Annie Booth, Jared Celosse at Hug and Pint, 22/4/18 - ravechild

Live: Zoë Bestel (album launch), Annie Booth, Jared Celosse at The Hug and Pint, 22/4/18

"The performance is mesmerising and the audience reverential"

Words: Derek McCutcheon.

Madonnatron, Chupa Cabra, Objectified, Yung KP at Broadcast, 13/4/18 - ravechild

Live: Madonnatron, Chupa Cabra, Objectified, yung KP at Broadcast, 13/4/18

"dreamy and haunting at the same time the songs are a bit sinister exploring the darker side of femininity"

Words/Photos: Derek McCutcheon.

Mt. Doubt – ‘Conduits’ [Scottish Fiction] - ravechild

Record: Mt. Doubt – ‘Conduits’ [Scottish Fiction]

"‘Conduits’ is a gateway drug to an exceptional back catalogue that everyone should hear."

Words: Krist McKenna.

THE NINTH WAVE – ‘New Kind Of Ego’ [Distiller] - ravechild

Record: THE NINTH WAVE – ‘New Kind Of Ego’ [Distiller Records]

"THE NINTH WAVE is unquestionably one of the most exciting bands in the country at the moment"

Words: Graham McCusker.

Michael Timmons - Bone Coloured [Gargleblast] - ravechild

Record: Michael Timmons (Music) - Bone Coloured [Gargleblast Records]

"In the space of less than 40-minutes, Timmons breaks your heart, then apologetically glues it back together again"

Words: Graham McCusker.

ST.MARTiiNs – ‘do ur words’ - ravechild

Record: ST.MARTiiNS – ‘do ur words’

"'do ur words' is very cleverly crafted dark pop with intriguing lyrical and rhythmical hooks that keep your attention focused"

Words: Shannon Rachel Cullen.

NIEVES – Exist and Expire - ravechild

Record: NIEVES – Exist and Expire

"When this works... the band sound unstoppable"

Words: Max Sefton.

Ded Rabbit – ‘Moonlight Horror’ - ravechild

Record: Ded Rabbit – ‘Moonlight Horror’

"With their usual catchy hooks, rock solid guitar and messing with the vocals these guys are a whole bunch of fun"

Words: Derek McCutcheon.

FRANKY'S EVIL PARTY – ‘Dolph Lundgren’ - ravechild

Record: FRANKY'S EVIL PARTY – ‘Dolph Lundgren’

"Infectious riffs, uncomfortable lyrics and haunting melodies create a hunger for more"

Words: Derek McCutcheon.

Nasari – ‘Afterglow/Robyn’s Room’ [Spinnup] - ravechild

Record: Nasari – ‘Afterglow/Robyn’s Room’ [Spinnup]

"Screeching into sound on Scalextric wheels, hi-tempo cymbals, and a rotor-bladed rhythm section, the light vocals of Joshua Cakir on ‘Afterglow’ are ably supported by the bluster of his bandmates."

Words: Stephen Watt.

Various Artists - Scottish Indie Sampler Vol.3 [GoldMold] - ravechild

Records: Various Artists - Scottish Indie Sampler Vol.3 [GoldMold Records]

"The takeaway is a handful of new bands to follow and an increased respect for the quality of the country’s DIY musicians"

Words: Ross McIndoe.

Jonny Shitbag & The Smokes - You Could Not Have Given the Slightest Fucks [Hidden Bay] - ravechild

Record: Jonny Shitbag & The Smokes - You Could Not Have Given the Slightest Fucks [Hidden Bay Records]

"a strong production loaded with content, bright catchy hooks, strong choruses and intriguing subject matter"

Words: Derek McCutcheon.

Heavy Rapids – ‘Crying Shame’ - ravechild

Record: Heavy Rapids – ‘Crying Shame’

"Lyrically it takes you back to original punk values having a go at today’s reality TV driven youth who don’t see the importance of individuality"

Words: Derek McCutcheon.

Last Night From Glasgow 2nd Birthday Party with BiS, L-Space, Sun Rose, Stephen Solo, 31/3/18 - ravechild

Live: Last Night From Glasgow 2nd Birthday Party with bis, L-space, Sun Rose, Stephen Solo at Stereo Cafe Bar, 31/3/18

"A sign of success of the not for profit record label Last Night from Glasgow is the packed-out attendance (and feel good vibe) at this second birthday party"

Words/Photos: Derek McCutcheon.

A Gift from the Reaper - ravechild

One of the most inspiring stories we'd had the please of running; I had the chance to chat to the even delightful Dale Barclay and Laura St. Jude about the Dale's diagnosis with grade four glioblastoma and how this has made him fight for everything he values, what's next for And Yet It Moves and an exciting new venture born out of circumstance in Cain's Collective:

LOVE SICK – ‘Hope’ [B3SCI] - ravechild

Record: LOVE SICK – ‘Hope’ [B3SCI]

"‘Hope’ is an exquisite understated song, which is still incredibly powerful using only a few driving elements"

Words: Krist McKenna.

Anna Meredith – ‘Calion’ [Adult Swim] - ravechild

Record: Anna Meredith – ‘Calion’ [Adult Swim]

"What strikes about ‘Calion’ is that seamless weaving of bright, samba-like percussion over metallic synths and fat drum-claps, creating this vertiginous air of retro-futurity"

Words: Maria Rose Sledmere.

100 Fables – ‘We Are Electric Girls and Boys’ - ravechild

Record: 100 Fables – ‘We Are Electric Girls and Boys’

"Seeped in a caffeinated and luxuriously rich undertone of dirty electro beats, vocalist Lynsey Liora pierces through the discord with deliciously accrued harmonies"

Words: Chris Kelman.

Lux Anima – ‘Riverslides’ [ft. Emma Gillespie] - ravechild

Record: Lux Anima – ‘Riverslides’ [ft. Emma Gillespie]

"A wonderful mix of styles, textures and a great example of a voice as an instrument, ‘Riverslides’ is a great sign of things to come from Glasgow’s Lux Anima"

Words: Krist McKenna.

Walt Disco – ‘Dream Girl #2’ [Public] - ravechild

Record: Walt Disco – ‘Dream Girl #2’ [Public Records]

"Dandified and transfixing, the jangly guitars and galvanising 1980s sound of Glasgow outfit Walt Disco are a welcome ragtime appearance on the Scottish music scene"

Words: Stephen Watt.

Martha Ffion – ‘Take Your Name’ [Turnstile] - ravechild

Record: Martha Ffion – ‘Take Your Name’ [Turnstile Music]

"Beautifully triggered and charmingly executed, capturing a nostalgic and freeing sense of melody"

Words: John Houston.

LYLO – Post Era [El Rancho] - ravechild

Record: LYLO – Post Era [El Rancho].

"Post Era is a record that wears its nostalgia lightly, makes alchemy of past styles that glitter with potential"

Words: Maria Rose Sledmere.

Inkfields – Beneath The Waves - ravechild

Record: Inkfields – Beneath The Waves

"Beneath The Waves includes a great variety of strong and emotionally powerful tracks, which will deserve to receive a great deal of well-deserved praise from a wide audience"

Words: Orla Brady.

The Spook School – ‘Body’ [Alcopop] - ravechild

Record: The Spook School – ‘Body’ [Alcopop Records]

"The message is positive and a lesson for us all – no matter how we feel we look, love what your body can do. All delivered with jangly guitars, lively rhythms and fun harmonies, they sound assured and confident"

Words: Derek McCutcheon.

Carla J. Easton – ‘Lights In The Dark’ - ravechild

Record: Carla J. Easton – ‘Lights In The Dark’

"‘Lights In The Dark’ highlights the beautiful tones Easton has to her voice; there is something quirky and unique about her vocals that make her stand out from other singer-songwriters"

Words: Shannon Rachel Cullen.

Hilltown Disco – HIL003 - ravechild

Record: Hilltown Disco comilation – HIL003

"Hilltown Disco is an unexpected flavour of house and nu-disco that succeeds in being unique and colourfully successful"

Words: Rachel Cunningham.

The Spook School - Could It Be Different? [Alcopop] - ravechild

Record: The Spook School - Could It Be Different? [Alcopop Records]

"Could It Be Different? is another pass over for The Spook School’s noisy, tuneful and victorious pop queer songs"

Word: Craig Carrington-Porter.

Blue Rose Code – ‘Ebb and Flow’ [Navigator] - ravechild

Record: Blue Rose Code – ‘Ebb and Flow’ [Navigator Records]

"a darting romp built on sprightly piano and saxophone that brings to mind early Springsteen"

Words: Max Sefton.

The HD Project – ‘Buzzin’’ - ravechild

Record: @The HD Project – ‘Buzzin’’

"a modern fresh sound where you can clearly hear elements of rocksteady, ska and reggae; a very positive song telling of the good feelings from the love of another"

Words: Derek McCutcheon.

Gift Horse - Meat, Jelly and Fat - ravechild

Record: Gift Horse - Meat, Jelly and Fat.

"Gift Horse makes tempestuous, unpredictable rock music, with splashes of surreal wit and shades of genuine, disturbing darkness"

Words: Graham Neil Gillespie.

Savage Cut with Leyla Josephine – ‘Andy From Finance’ - ravechild

Record: Savage Cut with Leyla Josephine – ‘Andy From Finance’

"Tied in with the gritty driving rhythms of this rock-solid backing track the result is an engaging, thought provoking diamond of a track demonstrating the best of both what Savage Cut and Josephine have to offer"

Words: Derek McCutcheon.

Man of the Minch – Helping Hands - ravechild

Record: Man of the Minch – Helping Hands.

"something with one foot on the pavement of a modern city and the other in the rolling hills of a Celtic folk tale"

Words: Ross McIndoe.

Alastair Tibbs – ‘Eden’ - ravechild

Record: Alastair Tibbs – ‘Eden’

"Tibbs’ voice welcomes the listener into an almost blues hue, further driven by a tube-amp guitar riff that bounces in direct proportion to a warm dubstep style filtered bass"

Words: Krist McKenna.

Martha Ffion – ‘We Make Do’ [Turnstile] - ravechild

Record: Martha Ffion – ‘We Make Do’ [Turnstile Musice].

"Martha Ffion uses a vulnerability to pass emotion over a sweeping melody, but at no point has any weakness in her voice itself"

Words: Krist McKenna.

Makeness – ‘Day Old Death’ [Secretly Canadian] - ravechild

Record: Makeness – ‘Day Old Death’ [Secretly Canadian]

"Makeness have made something short, sweet and at the same time sinister and sincere, that has a way of burrowing into your skin"

Words: Krist McKenna.

Ewan Cruickshanks – 'Faster Than a Snake' [Armellodie] - ravechild

Record: Ewan Cruickshanks – 'Faster Than a Snake' [Armellodie].

"If you seek a truly fresh approach, and aren’t fixated on genres, you could do worse than give Faster Than a Snake six minutes of your time"

Words: Krist McKenna.

The Hip Hop House Vol. 2 - ravechild

Record: The Hip Hop House Vol. 2.

"The Hip Hop House Vol. 2is a collection of music from acts that’s played Sketchy Beats Cafe at The Hip-Hop House event hosted by Werd once a month. Including a mix of genres influenced and involving hip-hop"

Words: Rachel Cunningham.

December ’91 – Starin’ at the Freaks [GoldMold] - ravechild

Record: December '91 – Starin’ at the Freaks [GoldMold Records]

"There are meaningful twangs of Americana, a well-balanced mixture of classical and contemporary elements and a lack of seriousness – with some swearing, morbidity and crassness thrown in for good measure"

Words: Paul Aitken.

Black Cat Bone – Get Your Kicks - ravechild

Record: Black Cat Bone – Get Your Kicks

"It’s self-explanatory, put it on and dance but ideally find a partner because it’s always a questionable look when someone dances alone"

Words: Craig Carrington-Porter.

The Narcissist Cookbook – ‘In Which an Allegation is Made’ - ravechild

Record: The Narcissist Cookbook – ‘In Which an Allegation is Made’.

"the artist is quite unique and is in clear possession of ideas, displaying good taste and capacity in terms of following them through"

Words: Paul Aitken.

KAPUTT – Demo 2017 [FUZZKILL] - ravechild


"Demo 2017 is a very refreshing and amusing EP, bringing post-punk sounds back into the Glasgow music scene and making KAPUTT one of the new bands that everyone should keep their eye on"

Words: Goda Ilgauskaitė.

Mark Sharp - Lost Causes - ravechild

Record: Mark Sharp & The Bicycle Thieves - Lost Causes

"Lost Causes is a grower, building with slow gradual infection that you cannot seem to shift"

Words: Shannon Rachel Cullen.

Golden Teacher - No Luscious Life - ravechild

Record: Golden Teacher - No Luscious Life.

"You can certainly see why Golden Teacher have thrived in Glasgow"

Words: Vosne Malconsorts.

Sunflower Bean at Stereo, 1/4/18 - ravechild

Live: Sunflower Bean at Stereo Cafe Bar, 1/4/18

"Sunflower Bean look comfortable on bigger stages, which is just as well – with a sold out crowd hanging on every note"

Words: Graham McCusker. Photos: Elina Lin.